Creating mods for Farming Simulator – Setting up

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Modding for Farming Simulator

In this, the second blog post, we will set everything up for modding the Farming Simulator game. We will be using version 19 of the game since Farming Simulator 22 is not released yet. We will edit the game files, prepare save games, and more. I assume you’ve read the previous blog posts and are up to date with information.

3D modeling for Minecraft: 2. Modeling (part 2)

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Now that you had some time to mock or model something up, it needs a texture, and it also needs to be prepared for exporting. Because we’re obviously doing this go get the model to Minecraft, right? So, today, we’ll take a look at how to UV-unwrap, optimize and fix errors that might have occurred during the modeling process. But … Read More

3D modeling for Minecraft: 2. Modeling (part 1)

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In this post, we’ll take a closer look, at how to model things in Cinema 4D. You can get it here: Again, make sure you also have the BodyPaint module or if you have the Studio version it should already be included. Now that you’ve opened it there’s something you should always check first. By pressing Ctrl+D you can … Read More

So you want to make 3D models for Minecraft

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How do you go about it, what do you need to know, and is it easy? Read on and find out! The making of models is pretty straight forward, all you need is some 3d modeling experience, good spatial perception, and the source material or photos of what you’re actually trying to model. Then some texturing skills or pixel art … Read More