Console commands

The Farming Simulator developers have provided us with a console in-game for debugging issues, and for running simple commands. This can help when dealing with issues, broken mods, or when testing new mods.

To enable the console, and the cheat commands in-game, you need to do the following:

  • In the game.xml file, change the console value to true.
        <file enable="true" filename="log.txt"/>
        <console enable="true"/>
  • Add a start argument -cheats to the game's shortcut. You can learn about that here.
  • Press the tilde(~) key on your keyboard when in-game to bring up the console. (twice to enter input mode, and again to close)
Farming Simulator ingame console
Here is a list of all the commands. If there is something missing please let us know and we will add it! To get the list in-game you can also press the "Tab" key when in the console.

Regular commands #

Command Arguments Comment
enableCloudFx none Activate clouds
enableDoF none Activate Dept of Field
enableFramerateLimit none Activate Framerate Limit
enablePostFx none Enable Postprocessing effects
exit none Exit the server
framerateLimitFPS none Set Framerate Limit
gsAddWildlifeAnimalToDebug none Add wild life to debug
gsAutoSave none Enable auto save
gsAutoSaveInterval none Define auto save interval
gsCleanI3DCache none Clean 3d cache
gsDrawGuiHelper (false | decimal-value)) Shows GUI helper text
gsEnableInputDebug none Enable input debug
gsEnableUIDebug none Enable UI debug
gsNetworkDebug none Starts network debugging
gsNetworkShowActiveObjects none Show active objects
gsNetworkShowTraffic none Show network traffic
gsPrintInputContext none Shows input content
gsReloadEnvironment none Reload environment
gsRemoveWildlifeAnimalToDebug none Remove wildlife to debug
gsRenderColourAndDepthScreenShot none Screenshot that renders color and depth
gsRunMapPerformanceTest none Run map performance test
gsSetDayTime +/-(integer).(fraction) Set day time
gsSetFOV (integer) Set Field of View
gsSetFarm none Set Farm
gsSetFixedExposureSettings none Set exposure settings
gsSetHighQuality none Set high quality
gsSetPowerConsumer none Set power consumer
gsSetWiperState none Set wiper state
gsShowSafeFrame none Show safe frame
gsToggleDebugPlayerFSM none Toggle player debug
gsToggleDebugStateJump none Toggle state jump debug
gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode none Toggle flight and no HUD mode
gsTogglePlayerDebug none Toogle Player Debug
gsToggleShowWildlife none Show wildlife
gsToggleShowWildelifeAnimation none Show wildlife animation
gsToggleShowWildlifeId none Show wildfield
gsToggleShowWildlifeSteering none Show wild life steering
gsToggleTensionBeltDebugRendering none Toggle tension belt debug rendering
gsToggleWoodCuttingMaker none Toggle wood cutting maker
gsVehicleAnalyze none Analize vehicles
gsVehicleDebug none Vehicle debug
gsVehicleDebugAI none Debug vehicle AI
gsVehicleDebugAttacherJoints none Debug vehicle attacher joints
gsVehicleDebugAttributes none Vehicle debug attributes
gsVehicleDebugPhysics none Vehicle debug physics
gsVehicleDebugSounds none Vehicle debug sounds
gsVehicleDebugTipping none Vehice debug tipping
gsWeatherAdd none Weather add
gsWeatherReload none Weather reload
gsWeatherSetCloudFront none Weather set cloud front
gsWeatherSetClouds none Weather set clouds
gsWeatherSetDebugWind none Set debug wind
gsWeatherSetFog none Set fog
gsWeatherSetWindState none Set wind state
gsWeatherToggleDebug none weather debug
help none List all commands
listEntities none List entities
listResources none List resources
parallelRenderingAndPhysics none Parallel rendering and physics
quit none
setAsymmetryFactor none Set asymmetry factor
setBloomMagnitude none Set bloom magnitude
setBloomThreshold none Set bloom thershold
setCirrusCloudDensityScaling none Set cloud density
setCirrusCloudVelocity none Set cloud velocity
setCloudBaseShapeScaling none Cloud shape scaling
setCloudErosionScaling none Cloud erosion scaling
setCloudNoiseVelocity none Cloud noise velocity
setCloudPrecipitation none Cloud precipitation
setCloudScatteringCoeff none Cloud scattering
setDoFBlendWeights none Blend weights
setDoFFarCoC none
setDoFNearCoC none
setDoFParams none field depth parameters
setFogPlaneHeight none fog height parameter
setFogPlaneMieScaling none
setMieScaling none
setMoonSizeScale none Set moon size
setSSAOintensity none Set SuperSamplingAmbienOcclussion
setSSAOsamples none
setSunBrightnessScale none Set sun's brightness
setSunSizeScale none Set sun's size
etVolumetricCloudVelocity none Set volumetric cloud speed
setWeatherFrontProperties none Set front weather properties
setWeatherTextureProperties none Set texture weather properties
showFps (true | false)

Cheats #

Command Arguments Comment
gsAddBale none Add a bale
gsAddDirtAmount none Add dirt amount
gsAddPallet none Add pallet
gsAddWearAmount none Add wearing amount
gsBuyAllFarmlands none Buy all farmlands
gsBuyFarmland none Buy a farm land
gsCheatMoney none Get money
gsCheatSilo none
gsClearTipArea none
gsFillUnitAdd none
gsFillVehicle none Fill a vehicle
gsLoadAllVehicles none Fill al vehicles
gsLoadTree none Load tree
gsSellAllFarmlands none Sell all farmlands
gsSellFarmland none Sell a farmland
gsSetFarm none Set a farm
gsSetFieldFruit none Set a fruit field
gsSetFieldFruitAll none Set all fgruit fields
gsSetfieldGround none Set field ground
gsSetFieldGroundAll none Set all field grounds
gsSetFuel none Set fuel
gsSetOperatingTime none Set operating time
gsSetTemperature none Set temperature
gsTipFillType none Tip fill type

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