Ingame debugging

You can also use some of the built in debugging for Farming Simulator. Here's how.

  • Make sure you have development controls enabled in the game.xml file
  • Use the following buttons to show various debugg views.
Button Explanation
F2 Show current FPS
F4 Activate wireframe mode
F5 Collision wireframes / Light volumes
F8 Various debugging information
F10 Connect remote debugger
F12 Take a photo
Farming Simulator ingame debugging

Flying #

Another cool feature is flying. Yes you can also fly around in-game. You can get to the flight mode by issuing this command in the console gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode and then pressing the letter "J".

  • Q and E - go up or down when not in a vehicle. Hold SHIFT to go faster.
  • O - hide/show HUD.

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